Book Your Profit Planning Session Below

To book your Profit Planning Session go through these 2 simple steps. 

1 – Ensure you qualify for a Profit Planning Session

    • You must be in business for 3-5 years.
    • You need a minimum of $500, 000 in annual revenue

Why? We want to ensure you are eligible to TRULY benefit from the strategies provided in the Profit Implementer Program. Only companies that meet this criteria are able to implement the strategies and get a higher return.

We want what is best for your bottom line. 

2 – If you have answered YES to both of those questions, fill out the calendar.

We will ask for a few details to get to know your business better, but ask more in depth questions on our call. 

During the call, I’ll share some strategies you can take to put more profits in your pocket, how you can benefit from the Profit Implementer Program and answer any questions you have about our programs. Either way, you walk away knowing how to become more profitable! 

“The concept of taking your profit up front as we get paid for jobs is a game changer. This concept alone is worth the price of the class! I had never thought about this before and had always wondered why there never seemed to be enough profit left over.”


Pinnacle Exteriors in Pennsylvania

If you have any questions about your Profit Planning Session please reach out to 

And if you wish to know MORE about Profit First before your call here are some great resources.